Withdraw from Bluebrid

Updated 2/22/14 at 8AM PST: Bluebird changed their website, so I revised this post to show the new graphics and steps.


Withdraw Money from your Bluebird to your Bank Account

In this post, I show you how to transfer money from your Bluebird account to your bank account.  The first thing you need to do is log into your Bluebird account.  Click the Settings link in the upper right corner.

Bluebird Home Page

Click the withdraw funds link toward the lower left corner.

Bluebird Settings Home

Click the Transfer to Bank button.

Bluebird Withdraw Funds

If you do not have a bank account linked to your Bluebird account, you will need to enter that information before continuing.  After you have a bank account linked, type the amount you want to transfer from your Bluebird account to your bank account, select the correct bank account from the drop down menu, and click Review.

Bluebird Transfer to Bank

Verify the amount you are transferring, enter you Bluebird PIN, and click Submit.

Bluebird Transfer to Bank Verify

Congratulations, you have successfully transferred money from your Bluebird account to your bank account.

Bluebird Transfer to Bank Complete

Back at your Bluebird home page, you will see that your balance has been updated and the pending withdraw is on the top of recent transactions.

Bluebird Home Pending Transfer to Bank

After a few days, you should see the funds deposited into your bank account.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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  2. Is it possible to load $5,000 onto Bluebird, and then transfer all of it to a bank account within a few days, without any risk of getting shut down?

  3. Can I use BB to make purchase online? will the amount be deducted from my BB balance directly? Is there any fees?
    From BB website:
    “How do I make in-store purchases?
    You can use your Bluebird Card virtually anywhere in the world that accepts American Express®. If a merchant asks you to choose between “credit” and “debit,” select “credit.” No PIN is required for in-store purchases.”

    • Yes, you can make purchases online just like a normal credit card. When you are using the card in-store, you can enter a PIN or run the transaction as credit. Either option is fine.

  4. Grant –
    can you use this method to add someone else’s account, so instead of writing a check I can just send them an ACH transfer?

    Which is similar to what I do at my current bank.

  5. I have 14 thousand in my blue bird right now and I cant get it to transfer out because of this new “updated” blue bird this is very frustrating

    • Have you tried bill pay? I didn’t think you could have more than $10,000 in your Bluebird account at one time. Is it all from Vanilla Reload Cards?

  6. I am currently using my BB card as a savings (it was free and has no APR charging). I am setting a large amount off to the side and plan on withdrawing it whenever I am ready to use it, how would I get all of my cash back in my account?

      • The website looks completely different from the screenshots you posted, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. For clarity, you now have to go to “Settings” first. Then look under “Funding and Transfers” for “Withdraw Funds.” Then “Transfer to Bank” and from that page you can transfer money from Bluebird to your linked (and verified) bank account. It’s not the most transparent way to do this and it took a lot of playing around with the site. It’s obvious to me that Bluebird wants to make it easy to out funds in and more difficult to get them out.

    • Use Bluebird’s routing number and add that as a bank account in your PayPal account. Then from Bluebird, withdraw the money from Bluebird to your PayPal account. That should work.

          • When moving money from BB to PayPal, the funds need to be “pushed” from one account to another. Each service responses best when you use their service to remove funds from that account. Set up your PayPal account as a bank account to withdraw to in BB and withdraw to it. You can also do it the other way too; BB calls it a Direct Deposit.

    • Add your TDAmeritrade account as a bank account in your Bluebird account. You need to get your TDAmeritrade routing info. You might have to call TDAmeritrade and ask for that. Or just transfer money from Bluebird to your bank account to your TDAmeritrade account. That might be easier.

  7. If i have 6800 on my bluebird card can i add a bank account and get it all out or how muchshould i withdraw from there at a time?

  8. I did a direct withdrawal from Bluebird to Scottrade and after the deposit was complete and I executed a trade, Bluebird reversed the transaction forcing a margin call from my trading website. Any ideas why this happened?

  9. Can I transfer money from my bluebird account onto my daughters money card that she purchased from walmart?

  10. I have a online store and for my transactions I use a merchant called Stripe they collect my payments by credit card and deposit in my bank can I give them my BB account info to transfer my funds from my store to my BB account?

  11. Is there a fee for sending money to another BB account? Are there any restrictions, i.e. can the money be sent as part of a commercial transaction?

  12. I tried setting up my mortgage bill to pay TD Bank and when I enter “add payee” it prompts for me to put in my mortgage acct #. I get an error that my mortgage # should only be 5 or 9 digits long. I called Bluebird and they said that TD Bank may not accept payment from Amex. Have you had this issue? Help!!!

  13. Can I get someone to wire transfer me money from a
    Wells Fargo account to my blue bird account? Is that possible? Wire transfer from outside bank to bluebird account?

  14. Why can’t I transfer money to my linked debit? I can only load money to my bb card with this debit card? I need to pay my pud bill online but American express is very limited as payment source with a lot of businesses. It only accepts visa and mastercard. My linked debit is a visa but I’m unable to transfer funds to it with my bluebird. How come this is!!??