Load Gift Cards at Walmart


Load Bluebird with Gift Cards at Walmart

To load Bluebird with a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express Gift Card, you will need:

  1. Bluebird Card
  2. Walmart Store
  3. Gift card with a PIN (most gift cards have PINs, but not all)

You will have to experiment with different gift cards to find out which ones have PINs.  I have the best luck with Vanilla Visa Gift Cards from office supply stores.  If you do not have a Walmart close by, please read Load Bluebird with Gift Cards without Walmart for an alternative way to load your Bluebird Card with gift cards.  Assuming you have all 3 things listed above, go to your local Walmart and find the Money Center (near the customer service department).

WM Money Center

Give your Bluebird Card to the representative and tell him/her how much you want to load. Bluebird has a $1,000 daily reload limit and a $5,000 monthly reload limit.  The monthly reload limit is on a 30 day moving time period.  Slide your gift card though the credit card reader. If you see a small yellow box on the bottom of the screen that says something like Alternate Options, click that button really fast.  Then click the Debit box on the screen.  Now you will enter your PIN (hopefully the PIN works).  If your PIN works, a message will say Approved! on the screen and a receipt will automatically print.  If your PIN does not work, the screen will say Payment Not Approved.


To minimize the chances of getting a declined reload, read Activate a Gift Card and Create a PIN (before visiting Walmart).  Some gift card websites will let you create a PIN online.  Some gift cards have PINs that can be created the first time you use them for debit.  Also, some gift cards use the last 4 digits of the gift card number as the PIN.

WM BB Receipt

I always load the full amount of the gift card onto my Bluebird Card.  For example, if I had a $500 Visa Gift Card, I would load $500 onto my Bluebird Card.  If I had 2 $500 gift cards, I would load them in 2 separate transactions.

Also, you can search for Walmart ATMs here.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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  1. kdy

    Hey grant, i’m just trying to clarify something. The $5000 monthly limit for loading VISA via WM to BB is 30 day moving or 30 calendar days??


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