Load Gift Cards at Walmart

UPDATE 6/20/14: Do not use OVGCs or VGCs at Walmart.  Use other gift cards from other banks.

Load Bluebird with Gift Cards at Walmart

To load Bluebird with a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express Gift Card, you will need:

  1. Bluebird Card
  2. Walmart Store
  3. Gift card with a PIN (most gift cards have PINs, but not all)

You will have to experiment with different gift cards to find out which ones have PINs.  I have the best luck with Vanilla Visa Gift Cards from office supply stores.  If you do not have a Walmart close by, please read Load Bluebird with Gift Cards without Walmart for an alternative way to load your Bluebird Card with gift cards.  Assuming you have all 3 things listed above, go to your local Walmart and find the Money Center (near the customer service department).

WM Money Center

Give your Bluebird Card to the representative and tell him/her how much you want to load. Bluebird has a $1,000 daily reload limit and a $5,000 monthly reload limit.  The monthly reload limit is on a 30 day moving time period.  Slide your gift card though the credit card reader. If you see a small yellow box on the bottom of the screen that says something like Alternate Options, click that button really fast.  Then click the Debit box on the screen.  Now you will enter your PIN (hopefully the PIN works).  If your PIN works, a message will say Approved! on the screen and a receipt will automatically print.  If your PIN does not work, the screen will say Payment Not Approved.


To minimize the chances of getting a declined reload, read Activate a Gift Card and Create a PIN (before visiting Walmart).  Some gift card websites will let you create a PIN online.  Some gift cards have PINs that can be created the first time you use them for debit.  Also, some gift cards use the last 4 digits of the gift card number as the PIN.

WM BB Receipt

I always load the full amount of the gift card onto my Bluebird Card.  For example, if I had a $500 Visa Gift Card, I would load $500 onto my Bluebird Card.  If I had 2 $500 gift cards, I would load them in 2 separate transactions.

Also, you can search for Walmart ATMs here.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Hey grant, i’m just trying to clarify something. The $5000 monthly limit for loading VISA via WM to BB is 30 day moving or 30 calendar days??

  2. So I’ve been loading my BBs at WM using prepaid debit cards. I hit my max on BB loads and went to Walmart to do the same loads but only to an H&R Block Emerald card. The loading works just fine, but they charge you another $3.74 per load. Which means that to load two $500 GCs onto an Emerald card….. you’ll pay $17.38 total in fees to buy the GCs and load them – as opposed to the $9.90 in fees if you ate loading to a BB. Just a note. It eats away a bit on earning potential by using cards other than BB.

  3. Logan – Get a GoBank account. Loads at WM just like BB. Has online BillPay just like BB. Supposedly there is risk of getting it shut down if you simply flush money through it, but if you take some cash out here and there at ATMs and use the BillPay to pay actual bills (vs writing yourself a check immediately) it should be fine.

  4. I just went to WalMart to load my BB with a MC GC .. I added the pin yesterday after I purchased it. It was declined. The employee- at the service desk said the computer is not optioning the debit button and hopefully it will be fixed later. Has anyone else had any trouble with that today?

    • Beth – I’ve never been able to get a MC GC to work. Have you ever been able to get a MC GC to work previously? I use MetaBank Visa and Vanilla Visa GCs with zero problems.

    • Try again in a few days. I think it takes a few days for the MasterCard Gift Card PINs to stick to the card. Try to stick with Visa Gift Cards, they seem to work much better.

  5. Update on the tactical effort of loading BB with One Vanilla cards at Walmart: (1) The self service kiosk at the Customer Service area always cuts me off when trying to perform the 4th consecutive $500 load (I use several BBs). It prompts for a store associate to login…. which is about as easy as finding a surgeon at your local gas station). (2) When this happens, I go to a checkout register and/or the “overseeing” register at the self check area. They are well equipped to handle the loads…. but it takes time so I do what I can using the self service kiosk first before going to a register.

    • I think people do $499.99 on the 4th reload to avoid being locked out. Might be worth the penny to avoid the frustration.

      • yea i had the same problem before few month ago. I load $1000 on my BB and attempt to load another $1k to my GoBank. on the 4th reload it prompt a associate sign in to unlock. I could try what Grant suggest to load 499.99 only if the WM near me fix or replace that damn ATM. It always out of order. I even call ahead and the stupid associates said its working but when i got there it’s not. Very frustrated!!! The 2nd nearest WM with the Money Center ATM is like 20 miles away, not wort of wasting gas if that doesn’t work either.

  6. I agree that I have found that the fourth transaction in a row of transactions hits a glitch. I have found that after three transactions, I take a two minute walk. When I return, all works smoothly.

  7. Just another day today going into Walmart to do my loads from One Vanillas to BBs. Went to 4 different registers and then the Customer Service Center and all 5 times it did not accept my swiped One Vanilla cards. Usually they enter the amount to reload on their end; I confirm the amount on-screen; swipe the card; PIN prompt appears. Today I got all the way to confirming the amount to load on-screen; swiped the card; but a signature panel would appear for a few seconds as if it were a credit card transaction; then it disappears quickly and the payment is not approved. Nobody at Walmart knew why this was. Just had to liquidate them into MOs somewhere else. I’ve heard of some little on-screen tricks people have to use to get the PIN panel to appear, but I didn’t see any options on my screen. It all happened so quick! Has anybody else been experiencing this?

      • I load BB with OV at the Customer Service Counter. I have been doing it fine and using the cancel buttons to bring up the debit transaction on the POS. I’m no rookie. But it failed yesterday and would show on the screen as approved…. buy the register would print a receipt that says payment type not accepted. Wasn’t just one card either… cause I use 3 BBs and 8 $500 OVs each trip (load 3k on BBs then get 1k in MOs). Friend even encountered the same issue at another WM. They are starting to talk about it only Flyertalk… but wanted to see what people here are experiencing.

        • just curious if you tried the ATM? I only have time to do it on Sunday morning to load my 2 OV. I’ll report then.

          • @KDY and Logan, yes, the FT thread is reporting OVGCs and VGCs are no longer working at Walmart Money Center or ATM. I believe all Visa and MC GCs from US Bank and Metabank are still working as usual, so try those cards going forward. If Walmart starts blocking those, then we will be in trouble :/

  8. great, looks like i’m done. i still got $1000 of the OV left still. don’t know what to do with those.

  9. tried a US Bank issued mastercard debit prepaid today at the kiosk, and it asked me for a pin after i swiped and i did enter it, and then it was asking me for a 9 digit pin which i have no idea what it is for. transaction did not go though as I had to cancel since i do not have a 9 digit pin. have not tried with the metabank visa’s as staples did not have the $200 ones. i will try at another wallmart tomorrow and see what happens, but i am not sure the mastercards work.

    • That is a bummer. Did you set a PIN for the US Bank MC GC before using it? Sometimes it takes a few hours/days for the PIN to stick, so you might have better luck trying in a few days. Good luck!

      • It is weird. No, i did not set any PIN. it came written on a card inside the package when i purchased it. it would take the pin and then ask for another 9 digit pin which i have no idea what it is. maybe ssn or God knows what. at least you can register the MC online with your name and add $200 a day via debit load online, but i am not sure how long that will last. hope the visa cards work better. i need to add another $600 this month to pay some bills, so hopefully this will last as i kind of like paying my bill and collect points that i would not otherwise.

      • I trylied a $200 visa gift card from staples today at WalMart ATM. It asked me to enter the 9 digit pin as well after the 4 digit pin…

  10. Yesterday, I had issues using the WM Money Center Kiosk. Many times, my Metabank cards, the $200 cards purchased online via Staples, were not accepted. The machine repeatedly asked for a second PIN (four digit). Once the machine went ‘off line’. I took several 10 minute breaks, and eventually all worked out. I don’t know if there was a communication issue between the machine and it’s “mother ship”, or what, but it was unnerving. ( I was loading three bluebirds with 15 $200 cards.) All cards had been activated a week in advance. The PIN most favored, was simply the last four digits of the card number.

    • Orrin, how much in FEES did you pay for the $200 Cards? That does not seem like a good deal… or do you buy online and get cashback or some sort of deal??

      • It is $6.95 per $200 gift card. Same price in-store as online. No online cash back portals award miles/points/cash back on Staples.com gift card orders. It is a good deal if you have a Chase Ink Card.

  11. No….I had an issue with the very first card (which eventually was used later on and worked fine).
    As I indicated, I have learned to take 10 minute breaks to avoid the kiosk going beserk, and needing to call a manager to reset…..and check my ID.

  12. yesterday afternoon I purchased a metabank GC at a local grocery and only put 100$ ( because I was to nervous to put the 500$ on it and not have it work) on it. I called with my cell from the parking lot to activate the card and set the pin. I drove to Wal-Mart and loaded it no problem. I just ordered a few of the 200$ staples cards- hope those go fine too..

  13. metabank visa gc still works fine. i just loaded up some $600 i bought at staples, so it seems that the US Bank ones do not work, at least the mastercard ones.

  14. Went to WM today and the cashier said I could only have one transaction per card. The inconsistent message from the staff can be so frustrating