Alaska Airlines 20 Minute Baggage Guarantee = 2,500 Miles for Slight Delay

Good morning everyone, sorry my posting frequency has gone way down lately.  I am back from my trip to Maui and Kona, so I will get back to posting more frequently soon.  This is just a quick post this morning about the Alaska Airlines 20 minute baggage guarantee.  If your checked bag is not available on the baggage claim carousel within 20 minutes of landing, you can get a $25 Alaska Airlines discount code or 2,500 Alaska Airlines miles.  My flight from Kona (KOA) to Oakland (OAK) on Alaska Airlines landed at 12:07am PT (according to the Alaska Airlines app).  We went down to the baggage claim carousel and waited for our bag.  As soon as I saw our checked bag, I took a screenshot of the time on my iPhone, showing that the bag came 25 minutes after landing.  I then tweeted the screenshot to Alaska Airlines letting them know that the bag took longer than expected to show up on the baggage claim carousel.


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US Bank Cash Plus

US Bank Cash Plus: Determine Cash Back at Restaurants (2%) & Fast Food (5%)

Good morning everyone, greetings from Maui.  I just wanted to share a little trick I learned recently regarding my US Bank Cash Plus (Cash+) Credit Card.  On my recent credit card statement, I saw 3 different line items for “Rewards Dollars Earned” (aka cash back), but I wanted to get a little more information regarding which transactions qualified for bonus cash back.

As a reminder, US Bank allows you to select two 5% cash back categories and one 2% cash back category every quarter.  For Q3 (July, August, & September), I selected Fast Food and Movie Theaters for my 5% categories and Restaurants for my 2% category.  For Q4 (October, November, & December), I selected Fast Food and Electronics Stores for my 5% categories and Restaurants for my 2% category.  I wanted to see which purchases counted as restaurants (2% cash back) vs. fast food (5% cash back).  If you selected different categories, you can follow the same steps below to identify qualifying purchases for your bonus categories.


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Quick Wins: 6,000 Virgin America Miles (2 Emails and New Account Sign Up) & 5,000 Lufthansa Miles (MTX Connect)

Good morning everyone, greetings from the Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas in Maui.  I am here thanks to the vacation package offer I received a few months ago.  This past week was pretty crazy, so hopefully I have some free time this weekend and this coming week to write a few blog posts.  Today’s post is just a summary of 2 recent wins in terms of miles and points.  Recently, Virgin America had an offer to sign up for 2 email newsletters and get 500 miles each.  I also received a targeted offer for 5,000 Virgin America Elevate miles for creating a new account before 9/24.  All 3 bonuses posted a few days ago, so check your Virgin America account for bonus miles.


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US Bank FlexPerks Go Mobile App Review: Geolocation, Travel Alerts & Virtual Wallet Features

Good morning everyone.  Yesterday afternoon, I received a few emails from US Bank regarding a new feature called Geolocation Service.  According to the email, “Geolocation Service verifies your mobile phone is in close proximity to your credit card, reducing the risk of card declines while traveling.”  Here is the email I received from US Bank:

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New AMEX Changes Effective January 1, 2017: Forfeit, Reversal & Negative Membership Reward Point Balances

Good morning everyone, my American Express Platinum Charge Card statement just closed and I noticed that there were a lot of “important changes” from American Express.  Most of the time these “important changes” are minor changes in wording to the cardmember agreement, but in the most recent statement, there are some relevant changes to how AMEX Membership Reward points are earned and redeemed.  Here is a quick summary of all the changes:

  • Late payment fees are going up from $37 to $38
  • Returned payment fees are going up from $37 to $38
  • If you do not pay the amount due by the closing date of your next billing period, you will forfeit all points earned during that period
  • If you return an item and receive a statement credit, the points you earned from that purchase will be reversed
  • If reversed points make your account balance go negative, all future points earned will be applied to your negative balance

All the aforementioned changes go into effect on January 1, 2017.  It seems like American Express is really cracking down on churners and MSers, especially on AMEX Platinum Charge Cardholders.  Here is page 1 of 5 showing the new changes:


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