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Using Points.com to Exchange JetBlue TrueBlue Miles into Amtrak Guest Reward Points

Good morning everyone.  In today’s super long/boring post, I will show you how to use Points.com to exchange miles/points from one loyalty program into another loyalty program.  Before I go on, let me explain that Points.com is somewhat similar to Award Wallet because you can add loyalty programs to your account and track their balances.  You may be familiar with Points.com if you have ever looked into buying airline miles or hotel points, since Points.com is the broker for most loyalty programs.  I am not going to talk about buying miles/points today.  Instead, I am going to talk about exchanging miles/points from one loyalty program into another loyalty program.  First things first, you need a free Points.com account and you will need to add your loaylty programs.  Here are a few of my accounts that are currently tracked by Points.com.

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Which Credit Card

Citi AT&T Access More, US Bank Korean Air & Comenity Virgin America Credit Card Art and Info

Good morning everyone, happy Wednesday!  Sorry for not writing during the last few days, I was in Pismo Beach riding ATVs on the sand dunes over the weekend and busy earlier this week.  Sneak peek: I have a great upcoming blog post about what to do with 50,000 JetBlue TrueBlue Points that doesn’t involve flying on JetBlue – stay tuned!  In this post, I will share some interesting pieces of info about 3 of my new credit cards that I was recently approved for during my June App-O-Rama.  If you haven’t done so already, please read the first credit card post: Bank of America Amtrak, Alaska Airlines Biz & Barclays Lufthansa Credit Card Art and Info.  Here is a look at these 3 new credit cards:

  • Citi AT&T Access More World MasterCard
  • US Bank Korean Air SkyPass Visa Signature Credit Card
  • Comenity Virgin America Visa Signature Credit Card

Here is the front and back of my Citi AT&T Access More World MasterCard.  The word “access” is somewhat transparent and allows light to travel through the credit card.  Like most Citi credit cards, the card number is on the back of the card and there are no raised letters or numbers.

Here is the approval letter that came with the credit card.  The letter covers the sign up bonus details and says my Experian credit score is 766 (which is slightly higher than my Experian credit score of 759 that came with my Bank of America welcome letter).

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Hyatt Residence Club Resort Timeshare in Sedona, AZ & 5,000 Bonus Hilton HHonors Points

Good morning everyone, TGI Friday!  I have 2 hotel offers/deals to share with you this morning.  The first is *another* Hyatt timeshare presentation and the second is a Hilton bonus spend offer.  I must get at least 1 timeshare presentation email or letter from Hyatt every month.  This month I received an offer to stay at the Hyatt Pinon Pointe Residence Club Resort in Sedona, Arizona.  4 days / 3 nights in a 1 bedroom suite + 10,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points for $198 + 90 minute timeshare presentation.  If you are interested, you can probably call and book directly at 1-844-821-2582.  Book by August 5, 2016, and stay by December 31, 2016.

Hyatt Pinon Pointe Residence Club Resort Email 7-22-2016

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JetBlue TrueBlue Points Match Bonus Posted & Timeline of Events

Good morning everyone, happy Thursday!  I logged into my JetBlue account last night and saw a huge increase to my JetBlue TrueBlue points balance.  After looking at my account activity, I saw the 50,000 bonus JetBlue TrueBlue points, thanks to the JetBlue Points Match promo that ran a few weeks ago.

Updated JetBlue Account Balance

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Chase QuickPay Changes: Need Chase Checking or Liquid Prepaid Card Starting August 19, 2016

Good afternoon everyone, I just received an email from Chase that said I had just received a Chase Secure Message (SM).  I logged into my Chase online account and went to my Secure Messages window.  Chase is making a few changes to the way Chase QuickPay will work for both sending and receiving money.  Starting August 19, 2016, users will need to have a Chase checking account or a Chase Liquid Prepaid Card.  This change is related to how Chase sends and receives money with a service called clearXchange.  I wrote about clearXchange (cXc) last year in this post: Email Address Issues Regarding clearXchange Network Payments from Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America.  One positive improvement starting on September 11, 2016, is that all Chase QuickPay payments will automatically be received and deposited into your account, you will no longer need to manually sign in to accept Chase QuickPay payments.

Chase Quick Pay Private Message

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