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Missed News and my CLEAR Card Enrollment Experience

Good morning everyone, dang, I take one day off from blogging to finish my taxes (such a pain in the butt) and I miss out some big miles and points developments.  I guess sometime between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, there was an issue loading Redbird/Bluebird/Serve Cards and even logging into your account.  I was able to load the last $1,500 onto my Redbird Card last night, so everything seems back to normal.  I looked around my Redbird account and looked for new features, but didn’t see anything new.  Frequent Miler has the latest info.

Redbird Wrong Password

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Chase Logo

New Chase EMV Chip and Signature Credit Card Pics: Freedom, Southwest Airlines Premier and Plus

Good afternoon everyone, this is a followup post to Requesting New Chase EMV Cards: Freedom, United MileagePlus, and Southwest Airlines Plus & Premier.  I am still waiting for my new Chase United Airlines MileagePlus Credit Card to arrive in the mail, but I have 3 new credit card designs to show you.  The top row shows the front and back of my old Chase Freedom Credit Card.  It looks like Chase removed the Blink feature (WiFi symbol on the back), which allowed you to pay by placing your credit card near a payment reader.  I never used Blink and never saw it mentioned anywhere by Chase.

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RadPad can Pay your Rent… and your Mortgage

Update 6:45am PST on 2/26/2015: Never mind, according to RadPad, “Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to process rent payments. We have very strict contractual guidelines with our Pay with RadPad partners that do not allow us to process anything else, and we really can’t jeopardize that relationship.”

Good morning everyone, I’m sure everyone has heard of RadPad, right?  It is the latest way to pay your rent with a debit card (free) or credit card (2.99%).  If you looked at RadPad’s home page, you would assume that it is only possible to pay your rent with the service, since the word ‘rent’ is mentioned 6 times on the home page.  But I bet you didn’t know you could pay your mortgage with RadPad too, did you?

Pay Rent with RadPad

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New Cross-Promotion: Earn SPG Points on every Uber Ride

Good evening everyone, I was about to go to bed when I saw this awesome new cross-promotion from Uber and SPG on Twitter.  Uber and SPG have teamed up to offer 1 SPG Point for every dollar you spend with Uber (details).  Free SPG points are free SPG Points.  To get started, go to the registration page here and sign into your SPG account.

SPG Uber Home Page

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Warning: Don’t get Burned using Flint to Manufacture Spend

Good afternoon everyone, there has been some rumblings about Flint as a tool for manufactured spending and I wanted to add my voice to the mix.  I discovered Flint in late January as a featured tweet on Twitter, proclaiming “Get Your First Five Flint Transactions For Free!”  Free is good, right?  I will show how Flint works and share some warnings.

A few other miles and points bloggers shared their experience using Flint, so I would definitely read these posts if you are contemplating signing up for Flint.

Flint Hoem Page Features

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